Advisory on APEC

Dear Valued Clients,

Please see below information concerning the impact of the APEC Delegation in MIT.

  1. Arriving vessels c/o shipping line agents must provide four (4) days notification to the Maritime Security Component of the JSTF prior to arrival.  
  1. Agent arrival/departure/permits/clearance procedures will remain the same during this period.
  1. Instead of berth4, arriving vessels are planned to dock at berth 1.
  1. An additional marshalling move to transfer boxes between berth1 to the MIT yard is necessary for all boxes.
  1. All container boxes will still gate in/out at the MIT yard.
  1. Normal operating schedules apply for MIT operations, gates, and billing.
  1. Handling of DG cargo is not allowed during this period. 
  1. There is a planned curfew between 2200H – 0600H for all sea travel.  During this period, sea  travel is restricted. Exceptions may be evaluated on a case to case basis by JSTF. 
  1. Preparations and changes above may start around week 45 (one-week prior APEC).  We will advise you as soon as more details come in.

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